HeyHub FAQs

How do my event guests join the app?
When should I send out the invite link?
What is Hub Feed and do I need it for my event?
How do Broadcasts work and don't they become a nuisance after a while?
Why can people only post into the Hub Story when they are physically at my event?
What are Communities and how do they work?
What are the limitations of Communities?
What is the purpose of Communities?
How long will the app stay active?
How can I monetise my event through HeyHub? How is the process different from other services?
What happens if my event is cancelled or there is some other reason I do not end up using HeyHub at my event?
What are the benefits of the Experience Edition?
Is there someone who I can contact, should a problem arise?
Does my event need to have Wi-Fi to use HeyHub?
Can I make my event private so other people can’t see it?
Can I use HeyHub at my private party?
What happens if the web panel or app stops working?

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