HeyHub Is Powered By Our Location Fingerprinting Technology

HeyHub is a social network built upon new, cutting edge location technology that delivers relevant, hyper-targeted content to people wherever they are.

As more content than ever is being shared on social media, it’s harder than ever for people to find content that is relevant, due to high levels of noise.

By understanding where a person is, what they are doing, how they are travelling, and where they are going, HeyHub delivers relevant, context specific content that is uniquely relevant to that person.

Conventional forms of advertising are becoming increasingly saturated as more businesses advertise through traditional methods. To generate the maximum impact, businesses must innovate to engage customers, as they are more savvy and weary of existing advertising methods.

Using our in-house technology, businesses engage and market to people in ways that are not possible on the market today. We do this through the use of layered location data to get a deep understanding of who someone truly is – giving businesses power to target the right people at the right time.

HeyHub identifies what people are doing at that specific point in time.

Analysing the location, speed and direction of people as they travel, HeyHub combines
that with layered map information to understand the situation of that person.

HeyHub knows when people are at shops, restaurants or bars, university campuses, airports, malls, train stations, travelling via train lines, buses or roads.

HeyHub checks people into places automatically, even if the app is closed – without relying on beacons or additional hardware

The app knows where someone is – even if the app was never opened by the phone’s owner as it runs in the background. This means content is sent directly to people when it is appropriate, rather than them searching for it themselves.

HeyHub constantly learns and improves its algorithm, detecting where people are faster and with greater accuracy

Every time a person visits a venue, HeyHub gains a deeper understanding of how devices see the world, then the technology stack maps the venue to that device’s reported location - meaning when the next person visits that venue, the app instantly identifies where they are.

Location finger-printing - creating micro-communities everywhere

Social media is becoming increasingly context specific whether based an interest or location. HeyHub creates exclusive communities at every location for people who are there, at that present moment in time.

Through these micro-communities, people can do things such as: see who else is in that place, what has been shared by others and what their friends have posted when they were last there.

Relevant, situation aware information is automatically sent to people based on what they are doing

Using HeyHub’s check-in technology content is tailored and pushed to the user at the right time when it’s relevant to them, e.g. when a user arrives at a venue, when they leave or while they are there.

HeyHub can do this at over 5 billion locations across the globe. That’s an average of 22,000 places in every city of the world.

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