HeyHub Turns Event Guests Into A Community

HeyHub creates communities of people at events, where all guests can talk, share and meet everyone who is also there. 

At events, HeyHub connects you in multiple ways: in the moment (with everyone who is physically at the same place) or across multiple event locations (with everyone who is part of the same event community but located over multiple sites) - to help and enable you to interact. You can instantly create or join communities (private message groups centred around event-specific topics) before, during and after the event. It’s the fastest way to connect with the people you want to meet. 

The event story, a collection of shared experiences posted by everyone physically at the event, is a real-time feed of everything happening across the whole event. Event organisers can broadcasting updates and announcements while sharing their own photos and videos with you. 

HeyHub utilises our location fingerprinting technology so people can exchange messages, see who's on-site, and feel part of the event experience.

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