The Artechat App: Unlock the city of Naples by scanning any statue.

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As part of their mission to promote the Campania region, Scabac looked to immerse Naples’ visitors within the city’s culture. Besides wanting individuals to better understand the attractions and statues they were looking at, Scabac desired a community in which visitors could give one another recommendations and information.

HeyHub made this a reality via several unique features. ‘Location fingerprinting’ technology, for instance, recognised when a visitor was stood in a certain area and prompted them to look for the closest relevant statue.

Having found the statue, visitors were able to scan it with their HeyHub-powered app, which would identify the item, provide relevant information and allow the individual visitor to link their own thoughts and interpretations to the statues. This created an ongoing community that grew richer with successive visitors. Better still, organisers and staff were able to use the app to broadcast messages, photos, videos and other content to everyone within the city.

Scabac were able to massively boost engagement levels with their festival of locations, while also making Naples a more community-minded, easily-navigable space for visitors.

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