HeyHub transforms Events & Venues into ‘engaged’ communities.

HeyHub is the social app (& SDK) that connects audiences before, during and after events enabling organisers and venues and their audiences to set up & join chat groups, create and share pictures and videos, interact with each other in and around the event at any time regardless of network connectivity.

HeyHub increases event revenues further by providing advanced monetization tools to augment Sponsorship Rights and optimise Brand promotion response rates, plus increase ticketing and merchandising sales through engagement uplift and ‘profile’ based targeting.

HeyHub builds ‘communities’, bringing people together to engage and share their event experience.

HeyHub’s communities are group conversations based around any topic or sub-topic about your event. Visitors and guests use communities to meet & build relevant and meaningful relationships ‘in the moment’ with likeminded people with whom they have a ‘connection’.


Creating communities

New communities alerts are broadcast to everyone at your event. This alerts guests to get involved with the conversations, instantly.

Guests & the venue stay connected even when 3/4g & Wi-Fi networks are down or overloaded.

HeyHub’s ‘Mesh’ based technology enables crowd and venue app based communications when network or Wi-Fi connectivity overloads or fails. User devices connect together directly using our ‘DataMule’ mesh solution via LTE Bluetooth & peer-to-peer Wi-Fi that forms a temporary connected network enabling users (and the venue) to engage and communicate in out of signal areas.

Event Story.

Your event ‘story’ is a crowd curated UGC compilation from all the photos and videos posted during the event from people posting directly into the ‘Story’ feed, plus everything posted from across all of the event communities.


Romantic & interest based matching.

Fans & visitors can ‘match’ when close by as an ice-breaker or from afar as a profile match. If both users mutually swipe 'yes', they are connected via the app. Matching works even if users are offline. ‘Matching’ can be romance, team, mutual interest, or ‘buddy banter’ based!

Share your own event's story.

Customise your event's story before sharing it with the world. Pick and choose the best moments to be seen publicly.

Broadcast your announcements.

Send important information and crowd safety announcements, updates and news to all your event guests and visitors before, during or after your event - instantly.


Guests receive messages in real time.

All event visitors and guests stay in the loop with the very latest event updates as your event broadcasts are sent directly to your visitor’s phones, thus ensuring up-to-date information is always available to everyone. HeyHub’s platform filters all messaging to ensure guests are not continuously bombarded with messages - yet are still able to see important announcements.

UGC Display on the big screen.

Get all your guests involved by sharing the event UGC feed on any big screen throughout your event. Setting up your feed is easy; any web enabled screen, or device with a web browser, taps into the live feed, ensuring none of the top moments are missed by anyone at the event.

Meeting like-minded guests and visitors.

All visitors can post a simple profile of themselves on your event app giving them the opportunity to tell their story and share their profile, interests and passions to others at the event. Their profile helps add more context behind who and what they're looking for in meeting up with like-minded people whether for fun, romance, mutual interest or buddy banter!


Replying to story posts.

People can react to photos & videos by replying to them: a great way to spur conversation and banter - and it’s a lot of fun!


Sponsorship & Brand promotions

Time & location relevant interactive ads & promotions are far more compelling to event audiences. You can send your Sponsor & brand partner promo messages directly into the pockets of your visitors who can then interact with Sponsors in the appropriate context, time and place thereby boosting ROI by improving click through, response and engagement rates within an environment that is more ‘delightful serendipity’ than intrusive advertising messaging!

Full screen ads.

Sponsors and Brands can reach your audience through in-app rich media, full screen ads & promo offers placed directly in the event story feed. Sponsors can direct guests to their website from within the app.


Full screen ads are


more effective than social media advertising.2

Big screen ads.

Sponsor Video & Photo content can be placed and scheduled within relevant UGC on the Big-Screen feed control panel. Sponsors’ advertising, promotions and messaging are integrated into the event ‘Story’ content feed, ensuring placement is appropriate visually and messaging wise with the event’s UGC.


Big screen ads are


more effective than print media advertising.3

Direct broadcasts.

You can broadcast Sponsored messages directly into the hands of your visitors and guests. These messages are valuable promotional assets with proven response and engagement effectiveness so are normally reserved for inclusion into your events premium Sponsorship Rights packages.


Direct broadcasts are


more effective than full screen ads.4

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1 as measured by the first 30 events to use HeyHub in Brighton, United Kingdom. Data recorded from event start to event end
2 as measured by SmartInsights 2017
3 as measured by Digital Diode 2016
4 as measured by the first 5 events to use HeyHub push messages. Data recorded across whole event lifecycle