Turning events into communities.

HeyHub is the social app where all your event guests connect before, during and after your event. Broadcast announcements, chats, pictures and videos directly to your guests at any time. Monetise your event further using HeyHub's advanced monetization tools.

Communities bring people together.

Communities are group conversations based around any topic / sub-topic about your event. Guests use communities to meet & build meaningful relationships with the people who matter to them.


Creating communities

New communities are broadcast to everyone at your event. This alerts guests to get involved with the conversation instantly.

Event Story.

Your event story is a collection of all the photos and videos posted during your event. This story is made up from people posting directly into the feed, or everything posted across event communities.


Share your event's story.

Customise your event's story before sharing it with the world. Pick and choose the best moments to be seen externally.

Broadcast your announcements.

Send important announcements, updates and news to all your guests before, during or after your event - instantly.


Guests receive messages in real time.

All guests will stay in-the-loop with whatever you tell them. Communications are sent directly to your guest's phones ensuring up-to-date information is available to everyone. HeyHub filters what guests see, ensuring guests are not continuously bombarded with messages - yet still see all important announcements.

Display on the big screen.

Get all your guests involved by sharing the event feed on any big screen throughout your event. Setting up your feed is easy; any web enabled screen, or device with a web browser, taps into the live feed, ensuring none of the top moments are missed by any guests.

Meeting like-minded guests.

All guests build out a simple profile of themselves on the app. This is an opportunity for them to tell their story and show the other guests who they are. Their bio helps add more context behind who and what they're looking for.


Replying to story posts.

People reply to photos & videos by reacting to them. Reacting is a great way to spur conversation - and is a lot of fun.



Interactive adverts are far more compelling to advertisers. Send your sponsors directly into the pockets of your guests - guests interact with sponsors in a new way, boosting sponsor ROI by improving their CTC rates, while creating an all-round improved viewing experience for your guests.

Full screen ads.

Sponsors reach your audience through in-app ads consisting of photos / video placed directly in the event story feed. Sponsors direct guests to their website from within the app.


Full screen ads are


more effective than social media advertising.2

Big screen ads.

Sponsor videos & photos are placed on the big-screen feed for all to see. The ad is dispersed among your event story content, making it blend in visually with user content.


Big screen ads are


more effective than print media advertising.3

Direct broadcasts.

Send sponsored messages directly into the hands of your attendees. These messages are incredibly effective and need to be reserved for your prime time sponsor.


Direct broadcasts are


more effective than full screen ads.4

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1 as measured by the first 30 events to use HeyHub in Brighton, United Kingdom. Data recorded from event start to event end
2 as measured by SmartInsights 2017
3 as measured by Digital Diode 2016
4 as measured by the first 5 events to use HeyHub push messages. Data recorded across whole event lifecycle