With the predicted growth of facility services management to increase from $39.5 billion in 2020 to $65.5 billion by 2025, the integration of technology is becoming a greater priority for building operators. HeyHub formulated the HeyHub Core product to enable real estate operators, managers, and owners to build engaged communities and digitise operations with their buildings.

Delivered in just four weeks, the solution offers a white-labelled app that includes all the essential tools to instantly connect the community and control access to on-site facilities.

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Features your tenants will love with HeyHub Core:

Communities - Connect tenants with like-minded people occupying the same building.

Concierge - Allocate on-site staff to the relevant service teams to resolve issues quickly.

Staff Broadcasts and Newsfeed - Keep tenants informed on important news and updates.

Issue Reporting - Receive notifications when maintenance issues arise and need to be resolved.

Mail and Package Delivery - Send notifications to tenants when parcels need collecting.

Events Discovery - List events, sell tickets, and manage payments to spur engagement within your community.

Customise your solution with more products

HeyHub understands "one size does not fit all", so we offer a variety of additional products to help clients design the right solution to fit their needs.

F&B Ordering - Tenants order and pay for food and drinks belonging to on-site eateries.

Memberships - Offer exclusive benefits to tenants and visitors of your buildings.

Keyless Entry - Control access to your buildings, without the need for physical keys.

Rent Payment - Receive rent payments from tenants directly into your account.

Retail Purchase - Serve tenants digitally and enable purchases of on-site services.

Sitepass - Tenants check-in, enabling staff to identify the foot traffic of your buildings.

What next?

For more information, contact us today. HeyHub will support you to create a tailored digital solution to meet all your needs. You can pilot your HeyHub platform across any of your buildings to see it live in action.