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Yes. HeyHub is a white-labelled solution. We do not offer a grey-label solution, so the app is branded in its entirety to your brand guidelines, e.g. font, colour palette, imagery etc. We source all your assets during stage 1 of our development process.

Yes. As part of HeyHub’s scope of work, we want to understand all your existing (legacy) systems in place. Some of our features will be dependent on an integration, e.g. Keyless Entry and Bills & Rent. However, if there is an open API, any integration is possible.

Yes. HeyHub’s developers can build out new features and functions when required. There are no additional costs if there is long-term value in building the requested product(s). These new features will be accessible to existing partners as and when these functionalities are developed

HeyHub does not monitor conversations on the app for GDPR reasons. Users can report misconduct, whereby it is reviewed by your team to assign the appropriate form of action. Alternative options include, users are removed from the platform or are put on silo mode. HeyHub recommends creating ‘Champions’ within the community who are moderators of the platform and can flag inappropriate behaviour.

The HeyHub Admin Panel is only accessible to the partner. In the Admin Panel, your team can monitor platform usage, access live infographics, download comprehensive reports and gain a holistic overview of your community.

Your customers register for the app using an email ID and password verification. As protocol to monitor app access, customers are required to validate their email accounts when they register or sign in to the platform.

Yes. Staff members can delegate reported issues to the appropriate service teams based on issue type via the Admin Panel. They will be able to prioritise incoming issues depending on the severity of the issue and can monitor its progress. The user who reported the issue will be updated when the issue has been resolved.

HeyHub currently has 3 languages available on the platform, however it can be translated in multiple languages. HeyHub can add additional languages depending on the partner’s requirements.

Yes. HeyHub’s modular approach allows access to be granted to different user groups based on the partner’s requirements. This means that certain functionalities will only become available to specified user groups.

Yes. HeyHub can grant potential partners access to demo apps. What you will explore is not the end-to-end solution - it is a prototype app for demonstration purposes only. HeyHub’s development process will be to understand the exact specification and then customise various functionalities and tools to meet the needs of the partner. These applications are available to test on iOS and Android devices.

The deployment process varies depending on the partner’s app requirements. However, once all products and features have been finalised by both the partner and HeyHub, the estimated time to launch is approximately 8-10 weeks. This is subject to increase if there are additional bespoke development or multiple integrations.

The pricing module is sector specific. HeyHub traditionally works on a reverse tier pricing metric. For example, Residential apartments the cost is per unit, Commercial it’s per sqft and for Mixed-Use sites, we will need to understand the entirety of the site before an estimated cost is provided. Integrations and bespoke development is not included in the standard license fee.

As building engaged communities is the heart of the HeyHub platform, there is a minimum number of users required for our partners to gain the greatest ROI. Typically, there should be a minimum of 150 units or 50,000 sqft for this to be impactful. HeyHub is subject to overlook this on a case by case basis.

Yes, HeyHub offers pilot schemes ranging between 6 or 12 months. The duration of the pilot is determined based on partner requirements and HeyHub’s recommendations.

Customer Service

Yes. HeyHub partners will be given a designated account manager. The account manager will be there to guide you through the entire onboarding process and beyond. They will offer ongoing support throughout your partnership with HeyHub.

All HeyHub partners will be given access to our customer service portal. The portal will enable partners to report app issues they are experiencing and provide constructive feedback to help us improve the service and experience. The portal is also monitored on a daily basis to ensure we are providing excellent customer service to our partners.

Yes. HeyHub informs all existing partners of new feature releases and updates. Partners are updated via newsletters and notifications on the app. We also notify partners if feature updates will impact them directly.

Yes. During the onboarding process, comprehensive training is provided to your team on how to utilise the app and admin panel to ensure you’re able to maximise the app to its full potential. Partners are also offered retraining on new app functionalities and features to keep them updated on the latest releases.

Yes. HeyHub offers comprehensive marketing support. Depending on the partner’s requirements, our marketing team provide assets such as posters, flyers, digital assets, email, blog and social media content. We work with you to ensure the right message is sent across to your customers. Our assistance is not limited to pre-launch, we offer our partners a pre and post app launch marketing plan.

During the onboarding process, partners are given a minimum of 2 versions to provide feedback to help us shape the app according to their needs. Each partner has a phase 2 of the initial agreement, whereby further changes will be implement post launch at no additional cost.

There are no additional costs if there is long-term value in building the requested product(s). Existing partners have the opportunity to upgrade their apps with newly built features if we believe it will enhance their customers experience. For some bespoke development and new feature request, additional costs may apply.

The duration of the onboarding process will be determined by the partner’s requirements. Each partner is provided with a tailored comprehensive plan, outlining both parties' responsibilities and highlighting precise dates for each deliverable. Typically, it can take up to 2-4 months to onboard a new partner. However, we ensure all deliverables are met, and no inconvenience is placed upon our partner.

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David Woofindin

" We contacted HeyHub to develop an app that could produce key features relevant to our managed sites. What they have produced is something that has become an everyday application for both our staff and students within the accommodation. This has created a community on-site and has been a vital tool during the pandemic. The implementation of the app falls nicely in line with our passion and commitment to provide customer and service excellence, giving the best experience possible for the end-user. "

- David Woofindin Director of Operations, Derwent FM
Catriona Cassidy

" It is increasingly important to focus on creating new experiences in spaces where people want to work and live. HeyHub provides a great solution for exactly that! People in the spaces Bouygues design, build and maintain can feel part of a community, interact seamlessly with BYES services, and so much more. With new and useful features being developed all the time, it’s been great for us in the Innovation team at Bouygues to work with HeyHub's team to build stronger offerings for our clients. "

- Catriona Cassidy Digital Transformation and Innovation Manager, Bouygues UK
Maria Young

"We're utilising the HeyHub app at Mithras Halls of Residence at the University of Brighton to ensure smooth running of the site, so students stay connected with their flatmates, see campus events, and easily access to site services; from receiving package delivery notifications to contacting reception and Helpdesk team."

- Maria Young Contract Manager, Bouygues Energies & Services (UK)

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