Bring your community together through exclusive membership programs.

Connect the right kinds of members through private communities, by offering customers and visitors exclusive benefits and more. The new HeyHub Memberships module will allow external customers to feel part of your digital community, as they engage in initiatives to discover like-minded people occupying your space. Not only will this create additional value for your customers' experiences but the platform's sleek user interface and easy-to-use functionalities will offer a seamless experience, which enables customers to:

View and select from a variety of available memberships upon registration.

See active memberships details and discover available memberships on offer.

View individual membership details, highlighting the benefits, billing information, membership expiry date, payment plan options, and preference to upgrade plans.

Receive discounts on event tickets, room bookings, F&B purchases, and retail categories.

Gain exclusive access to communal spaces or private events.

Select from different payment plans and automatically renew membership options.

View the remaining days of active membership plans.

Add a payment method and view payment history.

Build a membership management system that converts customers.

Satisfy your customers’ needs and allow staff members to create multiple membership programs. In offering tailored benefits and upselling additional products and services to your customers and visitors occupying your site, this will increase your CLV and enhance your customers' experience. Additionally, with a full payment system integrated into your community platform, your membership fees, renewals, and reminders can easily be prompted and collected online, leaving you more time to focus on creating value for your membership community. Through our admin panel, your staff will be able to:

Create, edit, deactivate, duplicate or delete memberships.

Allocate membership options to varying community user groups i.e. students, residents, tenants, visitors, etc.

Limit memberships to specific locations, ensuring benefits are tailored to specific members.

Highlight memberships as reoccurring i.e., monthly or yearly.

Offer various payment plans, renewal options, and set up payment reminder notifications to be sent to customers.

Enable digital key access for memberships (i.e. conference rooms, main entrance gate, student communal space, etc).

Add terms and conditions to each membership program.

Offer benefits that include access to communal spaces, private events, discounts for F&B purchases, and retail categories.

There is more in store as we continuously work with our client partners to develop new and exciting features to add to the HeyHub tech suite. If you want to know more, contact us today.