At its core, Salesforce Case Management allows customers to collect and organise customer service interactions occurring on any channel. The system tracks each case to resolution and beyond as customer requests are pulled into a database, allowing staff to view and respond to reported issues. Case management enables staff to categorise and manage requests and allows other team members to review cases and resolutions and aggregate information to help companies improve their products and business processes.

Through integrating with Salesforce Case Management, HeyHub has eradicated the need for staff to utilise two systems and avoids hindering operations. Staff members can continue to use their pre-existing system, as customers enjoy HeyHub's sleek and easy-to-use interface to report maintenance issues. Customers easily submit repairs maintenance issues via the app that triggers issue notifications in Salesforce Case Management for staff to view and resolve. The integration functionalities entail:

Customers can attach images, videos, and text when submitting an issue.

Alerts will be sent directly to Salesforce Case Management for staff to resolve.

Staff members manage all reported issues in Salesforce. The progress report of each issue will reflect in the HeyHub Admin Panel in real-time for staff to view.

During the resolution phase, staff members can communicate with customers to request additional information if required.

HeyHub can also pull information and data from Salesforce into the HeyHub Analytics, which is viewed in the Admin Panel or through a CSV file.

At HeyHub, we continuously work to enhance the user experience for both staff members and customers. We can integrate with clients' pre-existing systems to reduce the need for multiple systems to ensure staff productivity is not compromised. If you would like to learn more about integrations, contact us today.