Bringing your community closer together.

Gone are the days of language barriers, as we've ensured your customers of all backgrounds can engage and converse with ease. With just a flick of a button, the platform will easily auto-translate content, so customers feel included and part of your thriving community.

Currently available in five languages; English, Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan. Customers can select languages at various touch points throughout the customer journey. During the registration process, customers will be able to choose from the different languages available on the platform. If they speak multiple languages which are available, customers will have the option to switch between languages if they update their preference under profile information.

With the help of google translate, certain HeyHub features will auto-translate content, while headings will be translated internally by our development team. Customers will be presented with different options, where they'll be able to alternate between languages which translate messages. These features include chats, notifications, staff broadcast and direct messages.
**If you require the platform to be available in a language which is not on offer, this will have to be done on an additional scope basis.

There is more in store as we continuously work with our client partners to develop new and exciting features to add to the HeyHub tech suite. If you want to know more, contact us today.