Why is maintenance issue management imperative for your space?

Whether commercial or residential, insightful landlords know that maintenance is fundamental to property management and customer satisfaction. Asset longevity puts tremendous pressure on asset quality and real estate spaces inevitably deteriorate due to utilisation. Proactive and efficient maintenance management plays a pivotal role in prolonging asset life as well as in increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

The best management solutions serve to improve operational efficiency while reducing time and costs. HeyHub's work order ticket functionality is an intuitive management platform that helps you manage issues like a pro.

Utilising HeyHub’s mobile and web apps to manage your issue management process

When customers encounter an issue, they instantly report it to the appropriate helpdesk to resolve by selecting the Issues button on the home screen to submit a ticket. The web and app functionality enables customers to:

Highlight maintenance issues by choosing the appropriate tiles embedded in the platform.

Flag issues as urgent, notifying staff to resolve the issue immediately.

Hide identity by reporting issues anonymously.

Upload photos or videos to provide more context to the issue.

Review history of all submitted tickets in the My Reported Issues tab to keep track of issue status.

Receive staff notification detailing issue status.

Communicate directly with staff in a dedicated issue group chat to disclose further information if required.

*A new feature enables customers to report issues by scanning dedicated QR codes. The platform is pre-programmed with various maintenance issues, which auto-populates the form fields once a code is scanned, allowing customers to submit issue reports to staff.

Centralised Issue Reporting and Management

The HeyHub admin panel helps your team manage and delegate incoming issue reports to the appropriate service teams to resolve. When a ticket is received, it will appear in the Issue Reporting Dashboard, providing you with a complete overview of all submitted tickets. Staff manage all issue tickets by:

Delegating reported issues to the appropriate service team to resolve based on issue type, i.e. plumbing, safety, I.T., cleaning, furniture etc.

Filter issues by location, issue type and custom categorisations.

Prioritise incoming issues based on low or high priority.

Assign priority tags, e.g. high priority tickets will always stay on top.

Monitor the progress of reported issues - ongoing, completed or on hold.

Liaise directly with the requester via dedicated issue group chats and send status update notifications.

Auto-assign specific issues to the appropriate services teams, i.e. all I.T. tickets will be automatically assigned to the I.T. manager.

Manually assigning tickets to staff if they have not been assigned automatically.

HeyHub integrates with your Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) and issue management systems to create a centralised system, eliminating unnecessary procedures and digitising your services. Managing your maintenance issues with HeyHub will help improve your operational services while enhancing the customer experience. To find out more, contact us at hey@heyhub.com or book a demo if you are interested in getting started with HeyHub.