At its core, Mews is a property management system that gives hoteliers the power to provide a remarkable guest experience while improving the operations and performance of their property, thanks to automation and an innovative, user-friendly set of products and features. Everything from the booking engine and checkout to the front desk and revenue management. Every process is easier, faster, and more connected, and with the integrated Mews Payments ecosystem, every transaction is secure and seamless.

Through integrating with Mews, HeyHub has eradicated the need for staff to utilise two systems and avoids hindering operations. Staff members can continue to use their pre-existing system, as customers enjoy HeyHub's sleek and easy-to-use interface to make payments, view accommodation details and more. The integration functionalities entail:

Customers view and pay monthly bills while having access to their payment history.

Customers gain access to their accommodation details i.e., booking start and end date, bill history including paid and overdue bills.

Customers pay for memberships and additional services i.e., food and beverage bills.

Customer details are pulled from their mews account into the app to streamline the sign-up and booking process.

Customers with a mews account will automatically be authenticated and will have access to the platform, streamlining the signup process for users.

At HeyHub, we continuously work to enhance the user experience for both staff members and customers. We can integrate with clients' pre-existing systems to reduce the need for multiple systems to ensure staff productivity is not compromised. If you would like to learn more about integrations, contact us today.