180 The Strand is home to the SOHO House network and houses prominent brands that include the likes of Tik Tok, Dazed Media Group, IMG Models, and The Vinyl Factory, to name but a few. Offering a workspace to such storied brands, the need to incubate collaboration and creativity while operating fluidly and seamlessly was imperative. 180 commissioned HeyHub to develop a solution that would strike the right balance between creativity and efficiency to foster a centralised community that would unify its residents while elevating its services.


With around 10,000 residents occupying 180, the HeyHub solution was to segregate the varying user journeys while consolidating the community to connect all aspects of the building and allow seamless communication between staff, residents and visitors.

At its core is 180 Studios, a network of production and exhibition spaces that supports emerging talent and provides a platform for creative growth. Now home to the new curated 180 Health Club, it promotes the best specialists in movement, fitness, mindfulness, beauty and grooming. As a creative and all-inclusive space, 180 wanted to offer its residents an easy and efficient method of discovering and booking must-see exhibitions and in-house luxury classes. With an array of treatments, services, and on-site events and exhibitions on offer, residents can book and purchase classes and tickets directly through the platform for a seamless experience.

Alternatively, not only did 180 want to cater to its residents by providing unique services and experiences, but it also wanted to accommodate and capitalise on the foot traffic of its visitors attending the on-site exhibitions and events. HeyHub has custom-built the memberships module that enables 180 to convert its visitors by upselling additional products and services. Each membership offers exclusive benefits which serve the varying building residents to enhance their user experience.

When it comes to a building that inhabits a multitude of clientele, it is valuable for occupants to have direct communication to helpdesks or maintenance teams. 180 employed the HeyHub concierge feature that permits residents to contact staff appointed to designated helpdesks. This feature saves hours of accumulated time, as staff can respond promptly. It combines the immediacy of a small office with the possibility and variety of a much larger one, making it easier to access the building’s facilities.

To offer 180 residents and visitors a cohesive user experience, HeyHub implemented a web portal, enabling users to experience all the app features they love online. Everything from purchases and managing memberships, events tickets, health club classes and room bookings. Residents enjoy the consistency and functionality of a holistic solution throughout their user journey.


180 desired a platform that supported its residents and staff. Recognised as the centre of London’s creative community, 180 wanted to emulate this as a digital space for its 10,000 residents. HeyHub provided 180 with the means of creating a unified ecosystem by bringing together its residents and visitors to connect and build stronger relationships within its location.