CampusKey   desired a robust 360 digital solution that unites the students residing within its six locations: Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Potchefstroom, Pretoria, and Stellenbosch. Acting as the primary source of communication between students and staff, it was crucial that the platform not only encapsulated a property management system (PMS) but delivered a student experience like no other. .


As CampusKey endeavours to build a better, more fulfilled and connected future for its students, the solution entailed implementing the HeyHub Community and Facility product. With a human-centric focus, the platform supports student wellbeing and provides all-inclusive offerings, giving students various opportunities to connect, interact and build friendships with like-minded people.

A fundamental component of the platform is that students gather into micro-communities based on location, commonality and interests. This functionality ensures the opportunities presented to students to connect and meet other members correlate to the individual's needs. Students engage and establish meaningful connections through partaking in interest-based group chats, events and hangouts, which involves students participating in daily meetups to discover other individuals who have selected the same activity.

CampusKey host a range of events which are communicated out to the students via the app.

Not only was it essential that the platform delivered a unique community experience, but it was also a necessity that it encompassed the capabilities of a property management tool. HeyHub partnered with a PMS system to introduce HeyHub Property, offering CampusKey the ultimate 360 solution to manage its entire portfolio. Students experience HeyHub's sleek and easy-to-use interface for a consistent look and feel while staff benefit from the plethora of property management services offered by HeyHub's partner. The seamless integration between HeyHub and its partner ensured effective access to the following features:

Lettings - Students browse the available properties on the CampusKey website.

Viewings - Students send viewing requests to properties they wish to rent.

Applications - Students seamlessly submit offers via the platform to be reviewed by staff.

Digital Agreements - Staff customise e-tenancy agreements, saving time to conduct in-person visits.

Tenancy Management - Students gain easy access to the main elements of their tenancy information.

Billing and Rent Payments - Students make payments and keep up-to-date with tenancy bills by setting up direct debits. HeyHub integrated with CampusKey’s payment provider paygate to handle all rent transactions.

Streamlining and offering a more effective method of communication was also imperative to CampusKey. Utilising HeyHub's Facility product enabled students to connect with the appropriate service teams on-site and easily report maintenance issues to minimise the risks of hazards and improve maintenance quality. Implementing the staff broadcast feature in which students are notified of urgent news or updates also helped improve two-way communications between staff and students and increased engagement.


HeyHub delivered the ultimate holistic digital solution, giving CampusKey the vital tools to manage its property portfolio while offering unique experiences to create a fun, creative and inspiring space where its students can connect and grow.