Over the past few months, Dandi has been working with HeyHub, the leading community experience and tenant engagement platform, to deliver a digital solution to connect all aspects of the Dandi community by blending the physical and digital space to provide its residents, coworkers, and guests with first-class experiences at every turn. Through its easy-to-use resident platform and engaging networking groups, Dandi is elevating its resident experience by opening resident, staff, and service communication channels to revolutionise the way members engage and connect.

The Dandi platform is a one-stop shop for neighbourhood news and updates, service requests, exclusive offerings, and social interactions, as well as being an event booking platform for Dandi's activities such as classes, wellness sessions, local parties, and more. Additionally, the platform allows easy access to on-site facilities as members contact the relevant teams, report maintenance issues, book desks, and communal spaces, and request on-site services such as dry cleaning, F&B orders, groceries, and restaurant reservations.

Dandi's various members can also join memberships, giving them access to exclusive benefits to the rooftop, cafe, and coworking space. This unique functionality enables Dandi to monetise services and offer a more tailored experience for its members. Overall, the platform provides an outlet for members to forge new social connections, as they engage in interest-based group chats to meet like-minded people and connect with the varying members within Dandi's wider community.

Offering this plethora of unique features will evoke a greater sense of community, as the platform is a conduit for communication, enabling members to embrace fast, convenient, and real-time communications. In addition, it lays the foundation for members to build life-long connections while giving them easy access to Dandi's on-site facilities and services.

To find out more, contact us at hey@heyhub.com or book a demo if you are interested in getting started with HeyHub.