Home Group prides itself on working with its customers to continuously improve and serve its tenants with the best services and opportunities, therefore desired a centralised system that would streamline communication between staff and tenants while aiding to build a thriving community.


The Home Group solution involved deploying the HeyHub Community and Facility products. Each module is designed to offer alternative methods of connecting tenant-tenant and tenant-staff communications.

Firstly, tenants are segregated into micro-communities within the platform based on their location, here tenants are connected with like-minded individuals who share common interests and partake in social initiatives such as group chats and events. This ensures the connections are more meaningful as the relationships formed are based on the foundation of commonality and mutual interests.

The platform also offers various channels for tenants to openly communicate with other tenants and staff, whereby conversations take place through private chats. In this new digital age, modernising communication was imperative to Home Group, therefore implementing the staff broadcast module helped to eradicate old methods of communication, as staff schedule and publish important information and bulletins to keep the community informed on news updates on-site.

Home Group also implemented the induction module to digitise in-person inductions as well as deployed polls and surveys to get instant feedback about their services from tenants. This aligns with their values of working with tenants to ensure services delivered meet tenant expectations and satisfaction.


Digitising methods of communication has helped staff to easily communicate with tenants while offering social initiatives for tenants to build and form stronger relationships with like-minded individuals residing in the same buildings.