Peabody wanted to provide a community as a service for its tenants residing within its various schemes, offering a more efficient method of communication between colleagues and tenants.


As Peabody endeavours to provide great homes and services, the solution entailed implementing the HeyHub Community and Facility product. The platform supports tenant-staff communication and creates a digital community for tenants to discover and connect.

Divided by various schemes, the platform segregates tenants by location to form micro-communities within the app. Ensuring communications and connections established are based on commonality and sharing mutual values. Tenants connect with like-minded individuals and partake in social initiatives such as community group chats, whereby tenants engage through interest-based topics.

Similarly, there are various outlets for tenants to openly communicate with staff either through direct messaging, contacting the relevant services teams, which have dedicated personnel to answer inquiries, and reporting maintenance issues. The staff broadcast module also eliminates old means of communication, as staff members can publish and schedule important news and bulletins to keep tenants well-informed on updates on-site.

Peabody also implemented the induction module to digitise services and eradicate in-person inductions as well as polls and surveys to get instant feedback about their services from tenants.


Deploying the HeyHub solution across Peabody’s schemes has resulted in higher engagement within the community and it has improved communication between staff and tenants.

David Woofindin

" If you need a company that will bring along good expertise for an iOS app, Android app, desktop app, and web app, HeyHub is an excellent choice. I can testify that their products are top rated, and their level of customer service is outstanding. I would gladly recommend HeyHub based on my involvement with their services, and I'm confident that you’ll have a positive experience if you decide to purchase products from them. "

- Eileen Onumonu Project Manager, Peabody Housing Association